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Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency is very important. When I started my new job, I was sent away to a first aid training course. I really enjoyed the course and I learnt how to give CPR, how to place someone in the recovery position and how to deal with bleeding wounds and broken bones. I didn't realise how important the training was until one of my workmates had an accident at work. I gave him first aid and called in the emergency services. I have now decided to start a blog so I can encourage others to learn about first aid and emergency care.


Own A Business? Benefits Of Participating In A First Aid Partnership

3 November 2021
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When you run a business, you owe it to your employees to provide a safe working environment. Part of that safety includes providing access to immediate attention when an emergency arises, including those that involve injuries. Because of that, it's important that you provide adequate training for your employees, which is where the first aid training partnership comes into the picture. First aid partnership provides the training you need to ensure rapid response to those workplace incidents. Read More …